Significant changes are afoot in the areas of global socio-economic challenges, environmentalism, ecological economics and innovations driven mainly by the shifting educational PARADIGMS, which have triggered an extensive critique of the nature of business schools, their TEACHING and their RESEARCH. Our vehicle of progress is EDUCATION EXTRA (EE): EE is the hidden dividend that learners and researchers come to acquire if they are educated in what we call the emerging pedagogies (EPs)‐ EPs are powerful new learning and research modes from the experience of real world problems, which is more effective through recent, rapid developments in the use of technology for interactive learning, big data and their research. The intent of the BUSINESS AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ARM (BASDA) of Synergy IT Solutions is to create and further develop a distinctive ’brand’ of learning and research in business and social education and foster appropriate scholarship to address the changing paradigm of modern education and training.


BASDA  is based at Western Sydney and seeks to promote research and teaching in the context of the Middle East and the Greater Western Sydney (GWS). Today GWS is the home of 5 million people. GWS is also one of Australia’s fastest growing regional economies with an annual gross regional product (GRP) of $100b in 2012-2013. The ongoing regional development continually changes large parts of Western Sydney landscapes that strongly impact on the chances of survival for small and medium-sized businesses: different groups of society have different demands on the landscape of Western Sydney, based on economic, demographic, socio-economic, socio-cultural and residential characteristics of the individual citizens. A substantial percentage of the people residing in Western Sydney hail from the Middle East. Moreover, the presence of the people from the Middle East in small and medium-sized businesses in Western Sydney is simply remarkable. The immediate goals of BASDA will comprise of the following:

  • The research and training facilities of BASDA will foster the links between the business houses of Western Sydney, mainly those led by entrepreneurs from the Middle East, and the emerging businesses in the Middle East
  • GWS represents an outstanding progress of human settlement and urban development for people from myriads of cultures, religions and languages and especially for those who fell victims to forced migration. BASDA will help build sustainable community in GWS with a special emphasis on the people from the Middle East
  • BASDA will actively seek solutions to educational difficulties in GWS and offer state-of-the art training facilities for the residents and their families from their home countries
  • BASDA will hence create a national and global developmental process, which will shed critical insights into effective developmental practices
  • By examining the actual fragmentation of production in multinational corporations  BASDA will aid the human resource development in GWS and the experience will be replicated in the Middle East and elsewhere
  • BASDA will build bridges with counterparts at national, regional and global levels, especially at the Middle East, in actualising collective benefits from education, business and social sustainability

The goals will form an important element of OUR progression toward AFFILIATION & ACCREDITATION.


“Developing responsible entrepreneurs and advancing sustainable business and society through cutting-edge research, training and scholarship”.


Business Entrepreneurs – organising, managing and assuming the risks of a commercial enterprise in pursuit of financial profit.

Innovation Entrepreneurs – working within a large enterprise, LIKE A BANK, and taking direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product or service through innovation and risk taking. One will expect financial entrepreneurs to have a dominant role to play as innovation entrepreneurs.

Policy entrepreneurs – seeking to initiate dynamic policy change in the public sectorSocial Entrepreneurs – organising, managing and assuming the risks of a social enterprise in pursuit of creating social value or benefit to society.


Our mission is to create ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES & incentives for existing graduates and postgraduates of business studies for rewarding careers and the ability to contribute to society, through ADVANCED learning, engaged research and critical scholarship.

We conduct scholarly and rigorous research that informs the KNOWLEDGE of business, the practice of SUSTAINABILITY and the formulation of policy.

We seek collaboration, principled leadership, social inclusion and equity, regionally, nationally and internationally.


We value the FURTHER preparation of EXISTING GRADUATES & POST-GRADUATES for professional work with the knowledge and skills to think and act critically, creatively and ethically.

We value a transformative student experience leading to the highest quality learning outcomes.

We value business education grounded in engaged scholarship, critical research and contemporary professional practice.

We value engagement with business, government and the community through innovative teaching, research and scholarship.

We value our collegial, collaborative and inclusive culture, in which students and colleagues are valued, and equity and diversity are celebrated.

We value consultative decision-making, empowerment to act and personal accountability